A Montessori preschool classroom utilizes a “Prepared Environment” which posesses a certain order and allows children to learn at their own speed, according to their own capacities, and in a non-competitive atmosphere. Materials are available to nurture the child's understanding of mathematics, reading, geography, science, and culture.

Be part of the 40 year tradition at Forest Lake Montessori School.
Now Accepting Applications for a Lead Montessori Teacher.
Job Desciption and application details are below.


Lead Teacher Job Description



•Establish the morning and extended day work period and give lessons as needed.
•Establish and maintain classroom true to the Montessori philosophy, paying particular attention to the needs of students.
•Implement and update curriculum as student needs dictate.
•Plan, prepare and maintain all units of study, including Montessori materials, thematic units, library books, etc.
•Schedule all guest presenters and organize all field trips.


•Facilitate a respectful environment for children and adults by advocating conflict resolution and Grace and Courtesy lessons.
•Communicate via newsletters (email) with parents about their children’s school lives every week and educate parents in Montessori philosophy.
•Prepare for and schedule 3 individual communications with all parents during the year, including 2 physical parent conferences and 1 telephone conversation.
•Schedule and work with other faculty for any joint Parent Nights, programs/performances, etc.
•Meet individually with prospective parents and students.

Record keeping:

•Carefully observe and keep daily records on each student’s individual progression through the classroom.
•Maintain the school’s system of record keeping.
•Complete individual learning plans and conference forms for all students.
•Keep a school calendar of events.

Supervision of Classroom Assistants and Interns:

•Establish a harmonious relationship with assistant and intern.
•Conduct weekly staff meetings.
•Participate in staff evaluation.
•Support intern in every way possible.
•Report to the Director/President of the Board regarding intern’s progress fortnightly.
•Call/find substitutes for staff members in emergency situations.


•Serve as the liaison for the classroom to the Board paying particular attention to ensuring that the Board’s policies on safety, school licensing requirements, staffing minimums, and Board policies for the school are adhered to, including completing a monthly health and safety checklist.
•Attend monthly board meetings as a non-voting member, give staff report at meetings.
•Plan, prepare, and organize all materials for parent volunteers.
•Assist in the planning and maintenance of the building, materials and playground to ensure they are clean, safe and maintained. Report any maintenance issues to the Director/President of the Board.
•Care for all classroom animals and plants.
•Organize planning time for changing out material, cleaning and reorganizing works.


Notify the Director/President of the Board as soon as possible so that a substitute can be organized and let your assistant know.


7:30am to 4pm including a half hour lunch break.


Lead teacher must meet the following basic requirements:
•Diploma from the Association Montessori Society with a baccalaureate degree (or equivalent such as preprimary credential, primary diploma, or provisional certificate from the American Montessori Society)
•At least 1,040 hours experience in a Montessori primary classroom (internship could be considered to meet this criteria)
•CPR/First Aid certification
•Have the physical capacity to work with pre-school/Kindergarten aged children.
•Continued professional development (minimum 15 hours per school year).

Upon selection, a background check and drug screening must be passed prior to beginning the school year.

Interested candidates should send a resume, references and a cover letter to info@forestlakemontessori.org.

For more information please call Mary Rehm at 651-464-4719.

This role will remain open until filled. If interested, contact us today.

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